18 November 2015

Details #nlpoli

While the townie media are clamouring for details from people who don’t have the details, it’s important to look at what the people with the details are saying.

CBC’s Ramona Deering had Premier Paul Davis all to herself for a minute on CBC Radio’s Crosstalk.

She asked him what the current provincial deficit is.

“Hard to put a number on that,” said Davis just before launching into a long-winded rambling yack in order to run even further away from the simple question.

Oh, and for the record, Davis was lying.

It isn’t hard to put a number on that.

He’s the Premier.  He can have a deficit number in an hour if he doesn’t already have it in his briefings.

Every time you see something in the conventional media slagging the Liberals – who are not in power – for supposedly failing to provide any detail to satisfy the self-appointed guardians of democracy, just remember what we told you on Monday:

Anyone seriously interested in details should ask Davis to release the advice cabinet received last year, the year before, and the year before that.  Ask Davis to release the most recent financial report on the budget. There is absolutely no reason why Davis, as the head of the government, could not release any information he wants. 

Anything else is excuse.

Everything else is bullshit.