24 June 2016

11 minutes and 11 seconds #nlpoli

Dwight Ball was at Memorial University on Thursday morning to represent the provincial government in a joint announcement with Judy Foote on some capital funding to finish the new science building on campus.

The announcement is good for the university,  good for the economy, and good for everyone involved.  It's the kind of good news story Ball desperately needs after a hideously bungled couple of months

And Dwight Ball spent all 11 minutes and 11 seconds in a scrum with reporters afterward talking about emails, one of which was triggered by this tweet on June 5 by CBC's Jeremy Eaton.

Ball's message through the whole scrum was to deny any responsibility in his office for a relatively minor incident two weeks ago in which government spent a couple of hundred dollars tearing down a few hundred crappy signs.

Signgate is - in every respect - a non-issue in comparison to anything else facing the province, ever.

But Ball decided he needed to spend 11 minutes and 11 seconds ensuring no one thought anyone in his office had anything to do with the ripping a bunch of shitty signs off telephone poles one Sunday night earlier this month.

In the end, the handful of people paying any attention to Dwight Ball's 11 minute and 11 second scrum on the signs did not believe a word of his denial because his explanation was tortured and contrived and so obviously unbelievable.  For the rest of us, the 11 minutes and 11 seconds were a waste of time because no one gives Shit One about the friggin' signs.  Even the yuppie spawn cosplaying Junior Socialist Revolutionaries, a.k.a da b'ys who taped up the signs in the first place, have forgotten about the signs.

Yet Dwight Ball, Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, had nothing better to talk about on a day when he announced a huge contribution to education in the province so he gave yet another 11 minutes on top of all the other time he has spent talking about this completely irrelevant topic talking about this completely