15 July 2016

Donald Trump is a bad role model

One after another, folks who'd posted this Clinton ad to youtube either took it down or made it private.

Well, here is is from Hilary Clinton's youtube account. That one won't be going away. The latest Clinton ad is very simple and very effective.

Like a couple of recent Clinton ads, this one lets Donald Trump speak for himself.  That should have a strengthen Clinton voters and shake up undecideds and anyone leaning weakly either to Clinton or Trump.

These ads are not aimed at Trumpers.  The hard core Trump voters already love this kind of stuff.  This is part of the "telling it like it is" that they eat up. Everyone else either cringes at him already or has the capacity to at least shiver a bit when they hear some of this crap.

In an earlier version of this post, it read that the ads would have a "devastating" impact on Clinton voters. Some people didn't get the intended meaning, which, in hindsight was wrong.   This ad should reinforce Clinton voters and get to everyone except the hard core Trump voters.