30 August 2016

Big News or something #nlpoli

Yes it is a slow time of the year for news.

But you do have to wonder about some of the Big Stories lately:

1.  What precisely did Kathy Dunderdale say that was worth three days of CBC television, radio, and online coverage plus a Pam Frampton column?

Did she say even one thing that was new?


2.  Is it news that yet another premier from Newfoundland and Labrador has gone off to yet another conference flogging the Lower Churchill... with nothing to show for it but a news release?

And that isn't the result of a serious search.

3.  Will it be news that those premiers didn't sell one electron from the damn dam because even totally subsidised by all those people on low and fixed incomes in Newfoundland and Labrador, Muskrat Falls is still too friggin' expensive?

So far it hasn't been  - not even in 2009 - which would actually make that a genuinely new story.

4.  Critch does a Dwight impersonation and Dwight appears on stage.  We are thisfaraway from a string of guest appearances on 22 minutes that drags on like an hour.