05 August 2016

Fernando 2: Liberals start Tory-style poll goosing #nlpoli

It's August and Corporate Research Associates is in the field.

On Tuesday, Ed Joyce told the people of Holyrood, Isles aux Morts, and Jackson's Arm that they would each be getting new fire trucks.

No, Ed didn't deliver a new fire truck to each community.  He held a news conference to announce that the three communities fire trucks were on order.


Why would anyone hold a big announcement to say that government had put money aside for a new fire truck for three towns?

Go back and read that first sentence again.

Yes folks.  The Liberals - tanking in the polls - are going to try and goose that CRA poll with some happy news.

Okay, it's not the sort of thing Fairity O'Brien used to do starting around 2009.  Fairity and his pals actually turned up with shiny new trucks but it's the thought that counts.

On Monday,  Joyce will be in Port Union with Neil King -  the local Liberal MHA -  and Blaine Sullivan from Ocean Choice International. King posted a warning about the event on Facebook before the official government advisory went out to media.

On Friday,  Chris Mitchelmore's parliamentary secretary will hand out cash in Fortune.

Dwight Ball is right in the middle of things, starting with a softball photo op.  The Premier  - not the minister responsble for motor vehicle registration - announced on Thursday that the provincial government had a new licence plate for veterans to use on their motorcycles.  Ball's announcement on Thursday is actually the same announcement the Conservatives made in 2015 but recycled as if it was something new.

You can tell it is recycled because the quote from the Royal Canadian Legion representative said this in 2015:
The Royal Canadian Legion was proud to partner with the Provincial Government on this great initiative, which not only honours the service of the veteran who owns the licence plate, but also recognizes the rich history of military service provided by Newfoundlanders and Labradorians. We appreciate the Provincial Government’s commitment to this project, and other initiatives aimed at recognizing those who have given military service to our province and our country, as well as those who continue to do so today.
and this in 2016:
The Royal Canadian Legion was proud to partner with the Provincial Government on this initiative, which was very important to many members of our organization. Featuring the ‘Red Poppy’ on motorcycle plates honours the veteran who owns the bike, and brings special attention to Newfoundland and Labrador’s military history in a year when we are observing the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Beaumont Hamel. I thank the Provincial Government for its commitment to this project, and to honouring those who have served in the military.
Davis said this:
This important update to our veterans licence plate program adds the Royal Canadian Legion’s official ‘Red Poppy’ to the design – a timely addition given the Honour 100 commemorations taking place throughout this year to recognize our province’s significant role in the First World War.
Ball said this:
This update to our veterans licence plate program responds directly to requests from the Legion to have the Royal Canadian Legion’s official ‘Red Poppy’ incorporated into the design of provincial motorcycle plates. This initiative continues other efforts this year to honour veterans for their valuable contributions.
The highlights are either word-for-word copies or similar ideas.  Go through the releases and you will see just how similar they are.

The objective was to get coverage and that certainly worked for Davis and Ball.

Even the dates are similar:  Davis announced the poppy plates on August 7.  Ball announced the plates on August 4.

The Liberals even got Nalcor in on the act.  Stan Marshall announced on Thursday that Nalcor had a new agreement with Astaldi on the troubled powerhouse.

Nalcor will let Astaldi continue to work on the project as "long as the contractor meets our performance expectations."

Meanwhile, they'll keep talking about the old contract that Ed Martin frigged up and that is driving Muskrat Falls cost higher and higher.  The real problem isn't resolved - in other words - and taxpayers won't have any assurance the cost over-runs on the boondoggle until those talks are finished.

But the news release looks good, which is really the goal in poll goosing month.

It's like Fernando never left.