03 October 2007

Mark Critch: deadly

Mark Critch's two-minute send up of Danny Williams will either:

1. Make lots of people laugh;

2. Incite some loons to follow a fatwah against Critch who will now be regarded as a traitor and heretic; or,

3. 1 + 2.

Audio available courtesy of the CBC campaign blog.

Video available at the 22 minutes site.



towniebastard said...

It was pretty damn funny. I haven't watched 22 Minutes much in the last few years, but Critch's run on Danny was funny and spot on.

Although it wasn't the funniest thing on CBC last night. Conrad Black on RMR had me in stiches. "Fortunately, I am impervious to harm." Brilliant.

Jason Hickman said...

Yeah, Critch's skit was the funniest thing I've seen in a while (as was the Conrad sketch).

On the whole though, the shows reminded me why I'm prefering the Mercer Report to 22 Mins these days. Lord knows, Mercer is nobody's Tory, but he seems willing & able to take shots at all sides. 22 Minutes was pretty much a hate-on for Harper and the Conservatives (I think there was one joke about the Libs the whole show).

I know, I know ... typical thin-skinned Tory, that's what I am. But honestly, I can laugh at my own side plenty o'times, and like I said, Critch's impersonation was spot-on. (If Danny really wanted to impress, he'd invite Critch to do a live impersonation at the next PC convention - the federal Tories used to have the "Double Exposure" guys at theirs...) It just seems like 22 Minutes has been in the same gear for a couple of years now, while Mercer keeps getting better.