30 October 2007

Another little piece of secretive business to keep an eye on

In addition to his duties as intergovernmental affairs minister, Tom Hedderson will also be responsible for the volunteer and not-for-profit sector.

Forget for a second that there is absolutely nothing  to connect IGA with not-for-profits and volunteers.

Not a thing.

Focus instead on the line in the Progressive Conservative campaign platform that promised to "implement the recommendations of the task force on the not-for-profit sector."

Actually, it said continue to implement.

Odd that there is no public record of such a task force anywhere.

Yet, the Tories committed to continue to implement a report no one in the public has ever seen and on top of that there was a promise to create a new office and a ministerial post dedicated solely to supporting "volunteers and not-for-profits."


Don't ya think?