09 October 2007

Tory star chamber task force

Buried in the infamous Blue Book 2007 are a couple of peculiar references that are worthy of further inquiry.

First, in a section dedicated to strengthening the volunteer and not-for-profit sectors in the province, there's a promise to increase funding to the Community Services Council. It isn't clear why one not-for-profit in the province would be so favoured as to be singled out for specific mention in the Tory campaign manual.

Don't bother looking for the CSC annual report on line to see how much cash CSC gets currently. You won't find one there at all; there's just a list.

Second, there's a reference to continuing "to implement the recommendations of the task force on the not-for-profit sector."

What task force on the not-for-profit sector?

Try googling it.

You won't find a thing, except for the links to the PC Party website.

So when was this task force set up?

Who sat on it?

What did the task force report say?

Why has its very existence been kept secret?