31 August 2009

Chiep basturds

If Quentin Tarantino wanted to shoot an homage to the political sign oeuvres of local municipal candidates, that’s what he’d call it.

So like how many city council incumbents are reusing campaign signs from at least one election ago?

Pretty well all of them.

Got pictures?

Send ‘em in and your humble e-scribbler will post ‘em.  bondpapers at hotmail dot com.



Anonymous said...

Yeah I think you are right. It seems alot of them are recycled. Puddester picture and sign look like they might be from two campaigns ago.

On another note I think Lono needs to update the picture. He is looking like Nfld's Larry King. Although his signs are pretty noticable with the colour schemes fairly bright and easily recognized. Which should work well for him in name recognition come election time.

Colbert's signage is totally forgettable and I only can comment about it because there is one by my house and it looks horrible.

Edward G. Hollett said...

One campaign ago is to be expected. Maybe two. I can speak to the Lono issue because I know the signs are new and the picture dates from 2005.

Anyone elected for the first time within the last five years or so can be forgiven for recycling.

Rumour has it there's at least one "Fart" Puddister sign around that was defaced in 2005 and has been brought back. That one with a close-up of the crappy paint-over job would be the gold standard for recycling.

There are others that look like they've been in someone's basement for years. Folds, creases, scuffs etc.

Colbert's are circa 1980-something or other. The picture is so old it is before someone introduced him to The Rocket.

If you peeled off the sticker showing the seat he's running fr you'd likely find his entire political history starting with senior class president.

And ya know it's not like signs are expensive these days: Full-colour four foot by eight foot with picture for a hundred bucks. That's a tiny fraction of what they used to cost.

There's no reason to recycle after a certain point and by God any candidate on talking about sign vandalism (and/or bitching about the cost involved) should be shot on the spot for having nothing to say.

Let's not even talk about the crap designs out there. That's a whole other issue.

For now, we are still canvassing for recycling signs.

Anonymous said...

I commend anyone for recycling 'anything'. This city needs a curbside recycling program, and here we have Lono's handler advocating dumping plastic into the landfill? It's no surprise that Lono's picture looks like a love child of Charlie McCarthy and Howdy Doody. He is a puppet after all, and everyone knows whose puppet. That would be Ed -landfill- Hollett.

Lets elect Sheilagh instead.


Edward G. Hollett said...

Wow, "Jake" - if that is your real name - you seem to have a very limited grasp of municipal politics as well as a nasty streak that looks a wee bit familiar.

For starters, the "at large" seats aren't an either/or proposition.

I'd suggest voters mark their ballot for both Lono and O'Leary (at least) to put some fresh faces and fresh ideas on council. They can do that since there are four seats and they get four votes.

It's not like the mayor's race - for argument sake - where the choices are very limited indeed and you only get one vote.

As for the rest of your comment, I suggest you get some better information about recycling. Old campaign signs are good for many things rather than just winding up in Robin Hood Bay.

They make good insulation in walls for example. That's an excellent way to put them to good use by reducing energy demands.

The wood can also be recycled to a dozen uses. Some sizes of posts make good use in fences or other small construction, especially after you've been tearing down the old signs and fences.

Being environmentally friendly comes from picking the sizes for signs. The big ones - like the four by fours and four by eights - are also more readily used for construction than small slivers or even the two by two.

And don't forget, signs have two sides, one of which is usually not printed. You can get at least a couple of uses out of a single sign by printing on both sides or by otherwise re-using them creatively.

We need curbside recycling in this town Jake, but that's about the only thing you got right.

Nice try though.

Anonymous said...

They make good insulation in walls for example

That's a joke right?

If it isn't, you should probally tune in to Canada's worst handiman for inspiration. I can just imagine lining my walls with coroplast...I think I'll apply for a retrofit grant.

Speaking of silly, did you happen to see Doc's signs? "Proven" that you need glasses to see what's on the sign.

Anthony Roy

Burke said...

I tore down one of Gerry Colbert's to frighten my children.

Edward G. Hollett said...

To frighten your children or because it was frightening your children?

The second one would be commendable.

The Doc signs are really appallingly bad. 90% of the sign is backgrop. The text is too small to see and in the wrong colopurs to be legibile at usual distances. The picture doesn't suck; it blows. That's especially true of the dark, ominous bits on the upper left side of his head.

Then then again most of the signs out there for most candidates are illegible, crammed with stuff no one needs to know or read about or are basically useless.

There is an art to campaign signs and pretty well everyone out there is artistically challenged.

As old as Colbert's are, they are distringuishable and visible at a distance. The font is legible at a distance. They are next to Hickman signs in many spots and you cansee the difference in them.

Ellsworths' and Coomb's have too much crap on them and that's really what it is: crap.

There are a raft of blue and whities out there which also does nothing to help the shitty designs printed in blue and white.

The whole effect is just an assault on the eyeballs that therefore makes the better ones and the really good ones stand out that much more.

Shannie's got a good colour but it's too light.

Wally Collins has decent signs that are in a colour that stands out.

Anonymous said...

shag da signs i'm voting for Sheilagh O'Leary

Anonymous said...

Finally saw those Doc O'Keefe signs. My god you need a pair of glasses from Bubbles to see what is on them.