08 August 2009

Another safari reporter bags small game

When you drop in, do a couple of quickie interviews and then head off again, you tend to miss the details.  The Globe is the latest vehicle for the safari reporter’s guide to something called Newfoundland.

There are some nuggets of gold in the story but they are inundated with the same old crap that’s been written a dozen times.  Gee, no one has ever called the province “The Rock” before or noted that economic diversification is a major goal.

There’s even the obligatory interview with  Danny who does his part to spread a few complete falsehoods (like the bit about “ a St. John's-heavy boom” being because half the population lives in or around the capital) and resurrect some foolishness  from the early days of his administration (the Stunnel is apparently one of his dreams).   BTW, note the curious – and continuing -  tendency to refer to the psychological state of the entire province and the psychological state of a single person as if they were interchangeable or the same thing.

Count on the locals who normally judge their own self-worth by what appears in the Globe to be feeling a bit buoyant initially.