11 August 2009

How can you tell the government pollster is in the field?

1.  Announcing the announcement of announcements previously announced11 August 2009, a news conference to announce the first cheque from a small government program pumped up to sound huge.  The program was announced on June 5, 2009.   That’s just bad planning.  if they’d pushed that forwarded government could have had the announcement in one polling period and then the announcement of the announcement in the next one.

Someone should be shot.

2.  Get three ministers and announce the blindingly obvious:  it took Trevor Taylor, Paul Oram and the guy in charge of the cops to release a “social housing plan” for the province.  Their “vision” is “of a province where Newfoundlanders and Labradorians have access to secure and affordable housing.”

Seems fairly obvious that a plan for providing affordable housing should have as its vision the provision of affordable housing.

That’s just the stuff that doesn’t involve spending bags of money but they are two good clues that polling season is on us once again.