26 August 2009

Craig, the new janesguide?

From the infamous towniebastard, this little bit at the end of a post about being recognised by blog readers:

However, the oddest thing by a mile is that another municipal candidate emailed me and asked for my endorsement. Seriously. And no, I'm not going to say who it is.

Look, I know how many people come and visit this blog. I'm mostly happy with the numbers but I'm under no illusions that I have a massive amount of influence with this forum. So I don't think my endorsement is really the kind of thing you can stick on a flier and convince a lot of people to vote for you. For example, I seriously doubt Simon is going to do up a pamphlet that says "Endorsed by Townie Bastard".

Any day now people will see little logos on the bottom of websites. Sorta like towniebastard meets everyone’s favourite porn rating site, complete with the little animated writer at about the halfway point of bashing himself to pieces holding up a sign that reads:

“Craig says I’m a bastard, too!”

Charge for the rating. 

Charge for the widget.

Laugh all the way to the bank.

Meanwhile others will try and figure out who the wanker is that’s running for city council who would solicit an endorsement.