11 August 2009

It’s official…

As Bond Papers reported yesterday, Ryan Cleary is looking for the New Democratic Party [name under review] nod in St. John’s South-Mount Pearl.

We can say it’s official because Cleary’s blogger buddy carried the story a day after Bond reported it.  The story is also filled with a raft of jabs and barbs. 

Guess the other parts of the Bond Paper’s post  - about the “spending time with family” thing being a nose-puller of a media line  - must have been right too.

Now it’s only a matter of time before the rumoured other candidate – a “name” – comes forward.  you can tell that part of the story is accurate since Cleary’s blogger buddy denies there’s a contender and wants the Dipper executive to get the nomination over with most ricky tick

The only candidate wannabes who look to get nominations over right away are ones worried about challengers who could guarantee their plans to spend more time with the family.



Anonymous said...

Well done on the scoop Ed! (clapping here)
Must be the first time that a future candidate beat himself in the credibility vote, especially after what Peter blogged. Time for Mr. Cleary to step forward and explain himself in Peter's blog posting!

Talk about cannon fodder!

Anonymous said...

Why would the dippers want someone too useless to even qualify as a tool, someone who lies about spending time with his kids, a dyed in the wool Newfie-separatist, to run for them?
He presumes too much.

Anonymous said...

Bye bye Coadie!