09 October 2009


Jeff Simpson sayeth:

In Alberta, swimming in oil and natural-gas revenues, the Conservatives after Peter Lougheed (an old-style conservative) put next to nothing into the Heritage Fund, spent like drunken sailors (as conservatives often do, rhetoric notwithstanding), handed out tax rebates and left the province on its fiscal knees when commodity prices fell.


That sounds mighty familiar.



AnnieS said...

And Norway has the biggest sovereign wealth fund outside the middle east. This is oil and gas revenues. It now ownes 1% of the worlds shares and is the biggest equity investor in Europe. This according to the Guardian Weekly.

wilson said...

Between the effects of the Liberal NEP in the 80's,
and the effects of the Liberal deficit slaying on the backs of the provinces in the 90's,
no province, not even Alberta,
was able to 'save'.

When the cash did start to flow again in Alberta,
the 'drunken sailor' spending was all catch-up due to Albertans biting the bullet and absorbing deep deep spending cuts earlier (see above).
Please note, Alberta does not have a provincial sales tax.

Fortunately, the Green Shaft did not make it as the Liberal's 'once per decade' Alberta crushing policy, in the 2000's.

And if we are fortunate enough to keep government out of Liberal hands until well after 2010,
Alberta can enjoy an entire decade without a Liberal policy that devastates our province.

Ward Pike said...

Gosh, Ed, that's certainly a different perspective that I wasn't expecting and a sound one at that.

The Liberals changed from tax-and-spend in the 70s and early 80s to the slash-and-burn (but pay off your advertising buddies) outfit of the 90s.

I figured I'd be reading a comment about the Conservatives were conservative in name only but had become spend-crazy Liberals. Which, I could buy.

But Wilson does make a good point. The Chretien-Martin years were a lot of "We'd don't care if you;'re in Canada... we're going to give more money to foreign aid than to you. Pay for what we tell me to".

What can a province in Canada opt of? Immigration, yes like Quebec. Defense? EI? Can a province opt out of Medicare? If Provinces had to blow all their money paying for things the federal government was supposed to... could they (or can they) opt out of them also?

Excellent topic. Makes one think of a whole lot of things... and you've made me respect the Alberta Conservatives again. I had lost some respect for them.

Thanks Ed!


Ward Pike said...

Holy carps, that were a few typos. Sorry!

for the love of god don't call it sponsorship said...

Ward, you might want to look at what your temporary friends the federal Tories are doing in the field of advertising and sponsorship these days before you go throwing any stones.

Edward G. Hollett said...

Thanks, Wilson and Ward for supplying us with the Fantasy Island version of the 1980s and 1990s.

The federal spending cuts of the early 1990s were necessitated by the huge overspending at the federal level during the Mulroney years.

Check the national debt figures for yourselves, boys, they are a matter of public record.

And Ward, what in Canada is a provincial government paying for that the feds are supposed to constiutionally?

The question should be what is it that the provinces ought to be paying for on their own nickel that they are depending on federal hand-outs to provide.

Heck even in this province we have had a relentless five year effort to suck more and more of the federal public tit all in the name of greater "autonomy." in the meantime, the provincial government has gotten itself into a financial mess solely by the mismanagement of the current crowd.

They have more money than God and still have to cut health care but can still hand out free cash to private sector business based on nothing more than a promise?

Spare me the anti-Ottawa or should I say partisan fantasy world excuses, boys.

Conservatives are the least conservative people around, at least when it comes to public money.

Ward Pike said...

Well Ed, over here on Fantasy Island (Newfoundland) we wuz gived one copy of Canadian Constitution and a bunch of other documents to share... and the few of us non-Liberals who got some edumication and lurned our reedin' red sumpin somewheres about them there transfers and equal Libations that were sposed ta be for the medical and for the booklurnin. Well sir, seems that feller Martin and his Boss Hoss Chroutchen took away most of the money that was sposed to be used for to make medicine and schoolin equal.

But us stunned arse right-leaners might not be smart enough to figure this all out.

Ward Pike said...

Luckily Chretien and Martin diverted enough from the CHST payments to pay for







Edward G. Hollett said...

Well, Ward, the last time I cheked, health care and education were matters of a local and private nature and were under provincial jurisdiction under the Constitution.

Canadians have welcomed federal dollars because the feds had lts of them, but, as you seem to be quite willing to prove, just having the money seems to make it a matter the feds are suppsoed to pay for. (BTW, that federal moneyy is yours and mine but it should be paying for federal things, shouldn't it?

air newfoundland said...

Ward, you getting federal government work? Flying Harper in on the many trips he makes to the province?

Ward Pike said...

Dear Air Newfoundland.

I haven't been involved in the aviation industry for 2 years now. Completely out of it. But thanks for remembering me!! I guess I did enough to make some impact.

And Ed, you make an excellent point. One of these days you'll stop being so wounded. LOL