09 October 2009

The Yiddish of Newfoundland Politics: the chutzpah of monkey-tossing

According to CBC, health minister Jerome Kennedy is saying the by-election in the Straits is bringing to light issues and concerns about health care.

Kennedy says this like he never heard of the issues and concerns before.

But it’s the job of the elected member and his political staff – in this case former cabinet minister Trevor Taylor and his constituency assistant Rick Pelley – to make sure the issues and concerns were known by people like Kennedy.

So basically, Kennedy is saying that Pelley – now the Tory candidate – wasn’t doing his job before now.


Kennedy and his boss may have decided to chop health service as part of the budget process but the fact people didn’t like that is really something he never heard tell of before.

And so it took a by-election for Kennedy and his boss to  discover  - oh my Gawd, they’re upset? - that their decision to cut health service Flower’s Cove might cause a bit of consternation for the people in the area.

That’s chutzpah for you.

A result of a  financial decision Trevor and Rick didn’t make is actually is Rick and Trevor’s fault. And no one mentioned this local anger to Trevor before.

Didn’t he read the letter from Labrador-Grenfell?

flowers for jerome