16 October 2009

The positives of negativity

The much-feared inflation demon continues to shrink away.

In Newfoundland and Labrador, inflation hit  -0.9% in September 2009 compared to a year earlier, down from –0.7% in August.

The figures come from the latest Statistics Canada release.

Back just before the collapse last year, some people were speculating that it might be time to take action to fight the largely imaginary inflation demon. Subsequent events seem to have taken care of that little problem nicely.

Then again, there are other issues which some people seem hell bent on ignoring.

Kinda funny when the guy responsible for both the largest spending increases and one of the largest budgeted deficits in Newfoundland history accuses others of going on a wild spending spree.

And then re-appoints to run finance the guy who oversaw the real open cheque-book government in the first place.