07 October 2009

No slack for Oram from reporters

Paul Oram left politics entirely today blaming ill health and the news media who apparently hounded him and his family.

That second one never lasted a second as reporters quite rightly pointed out that oram himself and his boss have said far worse about their political enemies than any reporter ever said about either one.

Watch the scrum down the right hand side of the cbc.ca/nl website.

The reporters cut him no slack, in other words and nailed his bullshit about the media for what it was.  He mentioned the coverage of his conflict of interest, in particular during the scrum. 

There are still many questions left by Oram’s sudden departure.

Why did he leave so hastily, leaving the Premier so little time to lash together a replacement scheme that he couldn’t even replace Trevor Taylor properly?

Why did Oram opt to quit entirely when he could have asked for a temporary leave from cabinet until he got his blood pressure under control?

Why did Oram leave politics altogether?  The back bench is not a hard spot and Oram could have taken the pause to get his health in order. 

As with Trevor’s departure there is much more to this than meets the eye.