12 October 2009

Jerome’s Guarded Language

labradore does yet another commendable job on demographics and recent population increases.

He also dissects the former finance minister’s guarded language when attributing the in-migration trends to a cause.

Basically, Jerome doesn’t.

He talks instead about things that will happen manana.

Tomorrow is a very important concept in the language of Newfoundland politics.  it is when things happen.  Unlike American politics where happy days are here again, Newfoundland politics is a place where good things will come tomorrow

We must be ready for a better tomorrow.

Today is a chore to be endured until tomorrow.

Today there must be cuts in health care and so forth, but it will be all worth it, tomorrow.

There are lessons to be learned from here or there that will prepare us for the rapture coming tomorrow.

The Lower Churchill is on the way.  It gets here tomorrow just as it has been getting here tomorrow for 40 years now. Some people aren’t attuned to the local political argot and so get taken for a ride. It’s especially wonderful to read the post on selective perception from 2006 and note the issues that still dog the Lower Churchill three years after the most recent political resurrection of this golem.

Heck, in one sense, Tom Rideout can hardly be faulted for thinking one June that tomorrow was actually four months away.

And tomorrow as we all know is a day that never arrives anyway.  When it does get here it is actually “today”.

Yet for all that, people still wonder why Alice in Wonderland is a good metaphor for Newfoundland politics.



Ward Pike said...

Net migration is the proper phrase sought, I believe. And it would be nice if more effort could be put into this as the population here should be rapidly increasing by now with opportunities available to be had. It's sad that all of Labrador has a population less than that of CBS or Mt. Pearl these days, and all of NL less than that of greater Hamilton ON. Especially ironic considering Hamilton's population depends on Labrador Iron.

no counterpoint here Ed, just bemoaning. Happy Thanksgiving.

WJM said...

Net migration is the proper phrase sought, I believe.

Nope. It isn't.

Net migration would include all components of migration: interprovincial in- and out-migration, immigration, emigration, non-permanent residents and returning emigrants.

Market economics said...

"Depend" isn't the proper phrase, either.

Hamilton doesn't really "depend" on Labrador iron. A couple of companies who do some of their business in Hamilton purchase iron ore at going market rates from sources which include mines in Labrador and ship it to their facilities, there and elsewhere.

There's nothing preventing anybody in Labrador (or Newfoundland, for that matter) from buying iron ore from the IOC in Labrador and turning it into steel or anything else if they so desire.

Hamilton doesn't "depend" on Labrador iron, Hamilton "purchases" Labrador iron. If they didn't buy it from Labrador, they'd probably buy it from somewhere else.

Edward G. Hollett said...

Well put, Market Economics and while we are at it Ward, where are all these glorious opportunities of which you speak?

Anonymous said...

I know it's probably just the north east Avalon but the architects, lawyers, engineers or all descriptions, media people, professionals of all sorts are busier than they have ever been. And try getting a tradesman to do something. There are a lot of opportunities in the St. John's area.

Anonymous said...

Your blog sounds as if Joey Smallwood is still alive and well. It doesn't matter what party is in power in Newfoundland provincally, Newfoundland politicians have learned from the previous. Promises, promises and fresh air, that'll keep em all going.

Edward G. Hollett said...

Not quite clear on what you mean 1657.

If you are suggesting that what Jerome says sounds like Smallwoodian BS then I'd probably agree with you.

if you think I am pushing that sort of BS, I'd disagree.

Anonymous said...

Yes I am suggesting that Newfoundland politicans sound like Joey Smallwood with the same tactics as he used. Referring to this blog as your blog...well.....that is what it is...yours.