02 October 2009

A modern method of deciding

For all those people who find it a little silly to be picking a winner out of a hat, labradore notes that the current municipal elections law passed the House of Assembly at high speed in May 2001.

As to the charge of antiquity... the Act was shepherded through the Bow-Wow Parliament as Bill 7 in 2001. It received First, Second, and Third Reading, Committee Stage, and Royal Assent, in the present, 21st, century.
So, what did the Members have to say about the tie provisions when it came before them for their measured and serious examination?

Hansard records the eloquent and passionate debate for posterity; reproduced here in its entirety:

“On motion, clauses 55 through 96 carried.”



Anonymous said...

Ironically enough Ralph was a member of the Liberal Government that passed this Act! haha

WJM said...

And six members of the current government caucus were also in the legislature at the time, rubber-stamping it.

Edward G. Hollett said...


Roger, Tom O, Sheila, Tom H, Ray, and Ross.

Had to go back and look it up.