15 October 2009

Randy Simms can relax

So if Randy Simms can get himself into a load of hot water with some people, then we can only wait and watch to see what will happen to Gene Simmons for uttering these bon mots  - among others - about his partner, Shannon Tweed:

Look, it’s the 21st century, and the thing women have been clamouring for is finally upon us: you’re free. You’re no longer indentured slaves. You no longer have to be in the kitchen, or leave the smoking room so the men can talk. And the greatest asset Shannon has is that she’s a modern woman. Besides being stunning, six feet tall and, of course, a Newfie, I worship the ground she walks on. But part of the relationship is that it’s no-nonsense. We don’t call each other “honey” and “sweetheart” and all those clich├ęs. That’s television talk, just a paint-by-numbers relationship. When I talk to her, it’s straight ahead, like an equal partner, and she to me.

Apparently, Gene is smitten because:

This is the hottest woman on earth. And she’s an alpha female. She doesn’t talk about whether the vacuum cleaner works or not. Doesn’t sweat the small stuff. Has a strong moral centre, no drugs, no booze. No whining. No bad hair days.

This should be interesting.



Anonymous said...

Eddie's found a new fixation. Cleary must be getting jealous?

Anonymous said...

For gawd's sake, you all sound like a bunch of men afraid your jobs will be snatched from you by a woman....get over it. Women have equal place on this planet with, in some cases, more intelligence than most men especially in government.

Edward G. Hollett said...

Spoken like a true sexist, 1947.

No wonder you are afraid to reveal your identity.

Anonymous said...

i think 1947 was written by Ward pike matches his grammar