15 October 2009

The search for a university president: compare and contrast

At McMaster, they started hunted in January and 10 months later came up with a winner.

At Memorial,  it has already taken almost 10 months just to go through the bullshit at the front end designed solely to get people to forget the sheer sh*t-wreck made of your humble e-scribbler’s alma mater in the first go- ‘round.

johnfitzgerald The only way the Memorial University search committee will find a president before the end of this year is if John Fitzgerald  - Our Man in a Blue Line Cab, seen left, hard at it on the diplomatic circuit - tells Danny he wants out of Ottawa pronto.



Anonymous said...

He is a smart cookie that is for sure, not sure if he's really the icing on the cake as far as MUN is concerned. I know! lets ask Pam.

Ward Pike said...

John Fitzgerald is not only the most brilliant individual I have ever met, he is also a complete gentleman and one of the most sincere people.

The work he actually does in Ottawa and at home is incomparable.

This gentleman has earned the respect and admiration of world leaders.

I think it's very poor form to turn the spotlight on John Fitzgerald when you start with such a testy premise. It's as though you are implicating Dr. Fitzgerald in this when you would be better off targeting all those who are/were actually involved.

Edward G. Hollett said...

Incomparable, compared to what or whom or based on what measures or indicators?

How is Fitz implicated int eh shag up? Do you know something from your good friend the rest of us don't?

Mark said...

"The work he actually does in Ottawa..."

Such as?

Mark said...

And so as not to be construed as a slight against the man personally, my question really is, what the heck do we need that position in Ottawa for?

Ward Pike said...

John is so far ahead of the other provincial reps in Ottawa, past and present, it isn't even comparable. Let's measure the work we know of against Bill Rowe, and reps from other provinces. I'll use the word "rep
because it's commonly used there... even though, I see John Fitzgerald as Newfoundland's ambassador to Canada and whilst he is there, he well represents us to countries from all around the world.

Edward G. Hollett said...

So you have this from what source, Ward, Fitz himself?

First of all - and this is entirely since you brought it up, BTW - it isn't to be the Best Man in a Blue Line cab when there was only one before him and that guy did nothing and packed it in before he even had the office unpacked.

Second, do you have any indication of who he has been meeting with? I haven't been able to find any sign of him on major files except from his daily appearances in the gallery of the House.

Third, do you have any specific examples John has been sending you by e-mail that might possible give some sign of awesomeness.

Any files he has sorted out?


Goose Bay?

Lower Churchill?

Prison for Harbour Grace?


What world leaders has he dazzled? That sounds very Smallwoodian. maybe you'll be writing a book a la the Time has come to Tell rattling off the people who he's met.

Has the PMO lifted its ban on him? The last most of us have heard is that he had to resort to waiting in the hallways trying to nab people who had ducked out the back door to avoid him.

And since you brought it up and then ducked it: what did you mean by your reference to "implicating" Fitz in the whole Eddie Campbell fiasco?

I didn't. I didn't even try. But you did.

Should people be sending in ATIPS now that you've hinted at something no one else even thought possible?

Anonymous said...

Scarfing canap├ęs is "work"?

I want to be the next ambassador to Canada!!!

Ward Pike said...

Obviously Ed, in addition to misrepresenting my remarks with your own interpretation... your baiting won't make me divulge to you what you're been missing.

Do your own homework. Don't copy off my work. LOL . . . I will just point you in this direction:
Check into everything to do with NL's relations outside of the "Canadian federation". See what you can find and how you can spin it.

Ward Pike said...

1236, why don't you join John and I in a workout or marathon bicycle ride sometime? Keeping up with John is tough work these days!

And you won't find John snarfing the canapes... more like looking at them thinking "I can't believe I used to eat that stuff."

Edward G. Hollett said...

It is neither about baiting or misrepresentation, Ward.

It is about the simple, plain English meaning and implications drawn from words you chose.

The very fact you then scurry away and try to blame someone else is quite revealing. It's also quite revealing that you have nothing to back up your claims except vague references to what? Ireland?

Perhaps Fitz got a little uncomfortable that you had let on to much and now you must withdraw from the conversation you started.

You see, Ward, you can reveal an awful lot by your own misunderstanding of something. It's something I'd thought you'd have figured out with that silly rant you had about Rick Mercer.

Edward G. Hollett said...

"Why don't you join John and I in a workout or marathon bicycle ride sometime?"

So which one of you isn't living where you are supposed to?

Is he in St. John's and not Ottawa or are you in Ottawa and not here in St. John's?

Anonymous said...

Ward Pike for MUN President!
oppps School Board!
Chief He-wanna-teach-em!

Ward Pike said...

Oh Ed, I notice you don't get this catty when I agree with you... it's amazing how quickly you turn to the base.

I think it's in poor taste to show a picture of John Fitzgerald and reference John Fitzgerald in q piece about the Search for MUN president. So how did I bring it up again? You have me confused here.

And how did I scurry away? That comment baffles me. What reality on you living in? I'm right here. I haven't scurried anywhere. I mean, sure I didn't reply immediately as work and family gets in the way of being able to constantly camp out on the interwebbings... and yes, I am insanely jealous of all those who can do so (rolls eyes).

As for living accommodations. Well sir, I have news for you! Dr. John Fitzgerald is from Newfoundland, maintains a residence here as well as Ottawa and is back frequently enough to see people from time to time and he has friends, such as myself. I'm still living here, so when he's in town, believe it or not, we are both in the same city at the same time.
Gosh, that IS news... to the asinine and those short of common sense...

Speaking of which, the anonymouse that normally gets under your skin seems to be your ally today, in the tawdriness of all things akin to cat-fights.

Dear Anonymouse... Neither I nor anyone else can teach you anything as you obviously know it all. Perhaps I can't count on your vote for my run at School Board Trustee.

This comes out of my interest in my children and the educational needs of all in my area. If that's a bad reason to want to serve the public, then I suppose I'll need you to set me straight.

But don't worry, you can cowardly do so from behind the ramparts of anonymity.

Ward, the antithesis of co-ward.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It appears Mr. Pike likes speaking and typing about other peoples business. I’m some glad he is not my friend.
Tell us exactly Mr. Pike your family past, who are your grand parents, parents, children wives ex-wives etc… educational background, accomplishments previous records, statements of claim. Talk about your self, stop acting like a know it all big shot speaking about your so called buddies. Get a F__kin life my son!
To think I started all this with smart cookies and icing for a cake.
Ward starts with W and so does WINGNUT!!!!!

Edward G. Hollett said...

Ward, you obviously missed something along the way but then again that was fairly obvious from the touchy way you took issue with even mentioning the Premier's Personal and Favourite Academic.

You brought up Fitz's glorious accomplishments and intimated there was some connection to the MUN fiasco. I didn't.

I simply pointed out that the only way the MUN search could end any time soon is if the Premier's Favourite and Personal Academic wanted a job change.

That would be about the only way we might see the MUN mess sorted in as timely a way as the open and transparent process at Mac.

Now why you found it so unsettling, so troubling, so distressing that I might have mentioned the Premier's personal and favourite Academic in that context is something only you can explain.

Just like only you can explain both your hints and suggestions and then reluctance to discuss the aspects you introduced.

Just like you also failed miserably to present a single example to back up your initial claims of Fitz's unearthly gloriousness.

Ward Pike said...

Brave words, little man (or woman), Brave words indeed! The topic is John Fitzgerald and the MUN search for spock, not me.

Reveal your identity, if you have the courage too. Talk about your own personal life, if you wish. Mine is none of your business. When one stoops this low, it's usually the second last refuge of the incompetent, the last refuge being violence. I imagine that's a short step over for you.

Anonymous said...


Ward Pike said...

Explain, Brave Little Man, explain please.

Anonymous said...

i think i would like to know more about the person running for school board Does Ward Pike have a website explaining his background etc. besides this one http://www.geocities.com/wardpike/main.html
or should we call John Fitzgerald and get the ja

hey hey baby he's your honkytonk man!!!!

Ward Pike said...

I assume "Brave Little Man" you possess neither even basic intelligence or common sense nor any internet skills.

ever think of... oh say,

WardPike.com ??

And thanks for the plug! I love country music and entertaining folks. I get paid to do it every weekend... been that way for nearly 30 years now. Come and mock me in person if you wish. I'll give you a list of dates and where I'm playing this weekend if you like.

Anonymous said...

so whats your educational background. tell us your past & present professional experince.
what makes WARD better than all the rest.

Anonymous said...

Don't waste you time here Ward.

numatu said...

John is so far ahead of the other provincial reps in Ottawa, past and present

How many other provincial reps are there now?

Bill Casey from NS? Who else?