15 October 2009

Will Danny expropriate this one too?

Kruger is talking cuts and concessions at the major private sector employer in the premier’s own district.

So far, not a peep from the provincial government.



Anonymous said...

The Provincial Government is probably somewhere warm and golfy.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope that the executive will set an example and volunteer a wage reduction of at least 10% and placing that money in a fund to aide the workers should the company close down. Also, what would be wrong with exploring product sales to the EU or China for that matter. I really feel sorry for the Newfoundland people. They are always wondering if their job will be there Monday morning. It is about time the Newfoundland government took a well thought out stand regarding these companies that move into Newfoundland just to reap for themselves and their share holders. Don't do anything stupid like lowering the flag, that doesn't accomplish anything and makes the government look like children having a tantrum. Provincial Governments of Newfoundland are always letting the Newfoundland people down. It doesn't matter which party is in power. By now you have guessed I am a centralist.

Edward G. Hollett said...

From the pile of nonsense, 1937, I thought you were just more of the astroturfv that some of the local politicos like to spread around when they get nervous.

Touton said...


Why does any company move into any area (I think they call it investing) if not to make money for their shareholders. I assume you like to do the same with your own money too.

Mark said...

"...not a peep from the provincial government."

You must've forgotten - announcing bad news is the job of the private sector.

Government takes responsibility for and issues press releases and media availability for good news only.

Anonymous said...

Touton.....Companies move into NFLD mostly because they are begged by you know who??

Anonymous said...

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