29 January 2010

And the cliche gets it…

Senator Beth Marshall.

Here’s the view from January 19:

Beth Marshall would be too obvious just because all the spec puts her name up right next to the two Loyolas.  She’s at the point now where her name is on everyone’s list of nominees for everything. Watch out if the Pope drops dead tomorrow.  Local spec will have Beth in the running right behind the two Loyolas;  it’s gotten to be that much of a cliche.

An interesting choice if one that is remarkable for how cliche it really is.

Others have already pointed out that Marshall very publicly declined to join the ABC silliness. That obviously stood her in good stead for this plum.

Others, however, have also over-estimated her lack of connections to the local provincial Conservatives and how this might not help improve relations between the federal Connies and their provincial cousins.  Bear in mind she was handed the plum of over-seeing implementation of the Green report and has been a faithful party player on the House of Assembly management committee.

She’s tight enough with both the federal and provincial crews to serve as a bridge. And it’s not like she hasn’t got experience in changing her tune when it serves her partisan purpose as well.

Don’t be surprised if she goes to cabinet in short order or otherwise gets a neat job to facilitate the rapprochement. The anti-Ottawa hysteria that once was the local Connie stock-in-trade will quickly be a thing of the past.



Mark said...

Following the Fabian Manning appointment, isn't this Harper's way of stating quite clearly that if you stand up to Danny Williams in public, the Prime Minister will reward you?

I don't see how that qualifies as "rapprochement".

Ed Hollett said...

Beth did that in Year One.

She has been a faithful soldier at every other juncture.

All she did in 2008 was publicly do what DW said caucus was allowed to do. She didn't campaign against DW which would have been the unpardonable sin. She just abstained.

She has managed to take her own positions without getting into a petty pissing match of the kind that has characterised exchanges DW has had with every male who defied him.

And she's been given some little jobs with high profiles that have been denied to others.

Besides if she really was on the outs with DW, she'd be ostracised. She'd be sitting where Wade Verge or Ray Hunter have been sitting in the House. Instead she has a choice spot usually tasked with some sort of House-related duties (like caucus whip or chair of committees).

Plenty of people haven't been reading the political signs.

Besides, if Steve really want to kick sand in Danny's face he'd have given Fabe a cabinet job and thereby set the stage for an endless war. Instead, they've keep things quiet and civilized and - if you notice - the locals have dropped almost completely their old attacks on Steve.

Now if Beth gets a cabinet seat it becomes much more politically and publicly difficult for DW and his crew to launch one of their usual vicious, petty, personal jihads against the supposed "quisling".

They'd run the risk of upsetting segments of the population that have been - until now - pretty much subdued.

Taken all together, I think this is exactly the sort of sign that things are much quieter within the Conservative camp.

WJM said...

She’s tight enough with both the federal and provincial crews to serve as a bridge.

There's a provincial crew?

I thought it was all captain - and she and the captain aren't exactly known to cuddle.

WJM said...

the locals have dropped almost completely their old attacks on Steve.

For now.

Ed Hollett said...

The closer you are to the phenomenon, the more relevant detail appears.

líam said...

"Besides, if Steve really want to kick sand in Danny's face he'd have given Fabe a cabinet job..."

Or even worse, appoint Loyola Hearn.

Ed Hollett said...

Wow, Liam, that would have been a case of deja vue all over again.

WJM said...

The air war may be suspended. It isn't ended. The ground war continues, more or less unabated, at least outside a certain circle in Capital City.

As always, We are one line-item and a hissy-fit away from being back into Total War with Canada.

Winston Smith said...

Well, if this morning's Telegram is any indication, the real news is that Harper decided to humour Williams. "He took notes, and he listened, so hopefully we'll have some feedback," said the premier. Translation: Harper doodled while Williams prattled on.

As for negotiations on Labrador hydro and buying Ottawa's share in Hibernia, Canada's most popular premier proffered this perspicacious pronouncement: "I've agreed to write the prime minister a formal letter on that," said Williams.

WJM said...

Buying the Hibernia stake?

All along, Danny's concept of "buying" it meant "Ottawa, you are to hand it over to us, on a silver platter, with maraschino cherries on top. Gratis. And now."

Ed Hollett said...

He specifically said the provincial government would buy it based on the pricing approach used in White Rose and Hebron.

Now that isn't exactly a straight up comparison since those two involved no management rights.

And I wouldn't be surprised if there is a right of first refusal clause in the Hibernia ones that gives the other partnrs first crack at them.

Or something along those lines.

of course it's also a bit of a false comparison since thye provgov paid more than cash for the stake in Hebron.