13 January 2010

Racket on the Edge

Expect to see much more bitching, moaning and complaining that ticket prices for the 2010 Juno award show will be $189 for individual tickets. Comments on the Telegram story - in that first link  - are already running pretty hotly negative.

Tickets for Vancouver in 2009 went for as low as $69. As the Telly reported, the tickets in 2002 were only $49.50.

The provincial government has $750,000 in the event.

Now it’s not like this all matters anyway since the event is not really for the great unwashed masses. It is a giant money-maker for the industry and for the local hospitality industry.  The tickets will sell or bums will be stuffed in the seats regardless.

Still, though.

There is a really good prospect this could become a very sensitive local political issue especially if the upcoming provincial budget – due around the same time as the Junos – doesn’t look all rosy and wonderful.