24 January 2010

Hydro: the wet weekend round-up

1.  A foundation of purest sandstone:  For those who are still following these things, the Telegram’s Rob Antle has a tidy little summary of the case which is the bedrock on which the provincial government’s legal challenge of the 1969 Churchill Falls power contract rests.

Self-Check:  How many paragraphs down did you get before you realised that – in and of itself - the case has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the 1969 ruckus?

2. More money for Quebec, yet more billable hours edition: The papers in la pas-si-belle-pour-Danny province have been filled with stories about the hearings over transmission and the promise to sue over good faith or lack thereof.

3.  Rien could possibly be further from the verite. In a scrum the other day, Hisself could recall the pages on which appeared stories in La Presse about the whole Labrador hydro thing from one angle or another.  Helene Baril’s summary of the issue in her January 12 story is tidy and accurate.  Ditto one on the 19th of January.

Not so another one on the 19th in which she writes:

Quatre ans plus tard, le premier ministre Danny Williams est toujours aussi déterminé à développer le Bas-Churchill sans l'aide de personne, et surtout sans celle d'Hydro-Québec.

Still prepared to develop the Lower Churchill without Hydro-Quebec?


Malheureusement en anglais seulement, 

Perhaps it’s time someone worked up:

a.  a French translation of the Dunderdale comments and,

b.  a French version of “Nothing could be further from the truth”.  ‘Pfft”  - another DW staple likely to be heard many times in the next few months -  already translates itself.