12 January 2010

Zombie TV

So Jay Leno is going back to late night television, thereby displacing Conan and Jimmy and undoing the great change that NBC brought to television last fall.

Globe television critic John Doyle puts it down to a guy thing.

maybe it’s much simpler.

Maybe NBC’s great cock-up is based on the mistaken idea held by the geniuses at NBC that people might find Jay Leno funny when they were awake.

It’s times like this that the words of Bobcat Goldthwaite must come back to people.  He was banned from the Tonight Show early in Leno’s tenure in the chair after setting the set alight.  Literally.

As Bobcat sarcastically joked about the incident afterward, it was the only time that the words “on fire” and “the Tonight Show” were used in the same sentence once Leno took over the spot once occupied by Johnny Carson.

Turns out he was right.