25 January 2010

CAPP St. John’s Rally

From the local group’s Facebook space, a few shots by organizer Lindsay Harding of the crowd of more than 200 who braved the cold.


capp left


capp right



Wm. Murphy said...

Way to go ...you sure showed them!!

As I mentioned before, the only thing that came out of this was an invoice from Eastern Audio


WJM said...

Wow, wide shots. Too bad someone who can take wide shots never showed up at the 10,000-strong — or was it 30,000? — at the Trust and Confidence rally.

Ed Hollett said...

Wasn't that the P and C Rally for Danny organized by all the well-known local Tories and that included on the speakers program a bunch of future Tory candidates, but which was supposedly a completely non-partisan event?

How rigged was that rally anayway?

WJM said...

How Rigged Was My Rally

Steve said...

These people must not have an issue with the few sitting days of our own HoA

Ed Hollett said...

Maybe they do.

Maybe they have now been sensitise to the issue and will be appalled at what happens in their own province.

It has taken time but lots of attitudes are changing.