19 January 2010

Every name in for the senator pool

A couple of e-mails in ye olde inbox on Monday and just about every conceivable name cropped up in the great game of trying to figure out who will be the new Conservative senator from Newfoundland and Labrador.

For the record, here’s the list:

  • Loyola Hearn

  • Loyola Sullivan

  • Liam O'Brien

  • Beth Marshall

  • Rex Barnes

  • Tim Powers

  • Merv Wiseman

  • Graham Letto

  • Rick Hillier

  • Lynn Verge

  • Tom Rideout

  • Vic Young

  • Leo Power

Loyola_Sullivan Most of the spec seems to favour one of the Two Loyolas that’s Sullivan on the right -  but those fellows already have or had their bit of pork.

loyola_hearn That’s former fish minister Loyola Hearn on the left, there, for those who don’t know him.

Put them in the “Definitely Not” pile right next to Rick Hillier.

Liam O’Brien would be a long shot.  He surely won’t take offence at the suggestion.

Ditto Merv Wiseman, although he might take offence. Sucks to be him, then. Rex Barnes looks like he got on the list for the same reason Merv did:  someone listed former Tory candidates. Another “nope”.

Beth Marshall would be too obvious just because all the spec puts her name up right next to the two Loyolas.  She’s at the point now where her name is on everyone’s list of nominees for everything. Watch out if the Pope drops dead tomorrow.  Local spec will have Beth in the running right behind the two Loyolas;  it’s gotten to be that much of a cliche.

Graham Letto or someone else from Labrador would be a shot to replace Bill Rompkey when he retires within the next year or two. 

small power Leo Power is a suggestion if someone was digging way inside the party and maybe way back into the mists of time to boot.

He’s a former exec to John Crosbie and former principal secretary to Tom Rideout for 43 Days but has Leo got anything else to qualify him for a seat in the Antechamber to the Kingdom of Heaven before Tom Rideout?

rideout toque And speaking of Tom, there’s just something about that appointment that wouldn’t fit the reformist theme supposedly being set by this round of appointments. Any Tories in the National Capital Region with a room to rent might find Tom a willing tenant.

So who’s left on that list?

Tim Powers  - he of the Globe blog and Ottawa lobbyist fame - is an interesting choice.  The guy has strong ties both provincial and federally so he could act a go-between in the Great Rapprochement between the federal Connies and the provincial cousins.

verge - old mug shot Lynn Verge is a possibility.  She’s a former provincial Tory leader with a strong background in public life.


Vic Young Then there’s Vic Young. Frankly it’s a bit strange to see him there.  The former public servant and business exec has kept a pretty low profile since retiring.  Well, low with the exception of the Blame Canada Commission in 2002.

He’d be a good choice but that hasn’t stopped prime ministers – including this one – from looking right past a good choice in favour of a complete waste of time. 

Like say Mike Duffy.

Odds are that none of the names on that list will wind up getting the nod whenever the choice is made. The federal Conservatives have shown themselves adept at coming up with some – shall we say – unusual choices when it comes to federal appointments. 

One that stands out in the local legal community is a judge whose appointment prompted tongue-in-cheek concern in some quarters that she might not know where the court house was.  Seems the only time she’d darkened its doors – as the local legal wags put it – was when she’d shown up to see her old man sworn in as a supreme court judge years before.

So with all those names from the current speculation out of the way, maybe someone can come up with a novel idea.

The comments are open.  Toss your suggestions on the table.



Jerome said...

If I was a betting man, my money would be on Loyola (Sullivan).
My reasons for thinking this way are:
1.Loyola's dream of becoming premier was dashed, first by Lynn Verge (the chicken fiasco)and then Danny Williams.
2.The heir apparent, the one with no facial hair has assumed the "next in line" position.
3. At sixty years old, Loyola doesn't need the aggravation of answering to voters but would rather glide through the first of his senior years in relative obscurity, with a comfortable salary.
In addition, his popularity in his former district would help Fabian Manning when he makes his comeback. (Like Obama, Scott Andrews will serve one term). After all, it was Sullivan who was the only one to defend Manning when Williams booted him out.
After it became appearant that his provincial aspirations had vanished, he did every thing he could to endear himself to the the Cons. For that, I think he will be rewarded.

Ed Hollett said...


Everything I am hearing says there won't be a Loyola.

My own gut instinct also tells me "No Loyolas."

For all that and a toonie you can get a large double double at Timmies.

@ Wm, who commented on this post on another one:

Like you, I am surprised no one put Westcott in the pile.

I agree qualificatons have nothing to do with it but the point I was making was that when it comes to unqualifications, there was nothing to make Leo a choice BEFORE Tom Rideout.

J said...

Senator Shannie Duff? Who knows but I cann't wait till the appointment happens everday it's a wonder if today will be the day.

Wm. Murphy said...

In a SRPB post a while back, I threw out Shannie and Tim Powers mother, Debbie, as being in the running. I could be all wet, but I think a women will be appointed to the trough


J said...

I hope Shannie gets appointed before she finishes off destroying the economy of St. John's with her anti-development attitude.

Ed Hollett said...

Ah "J", that last comment just identified you as yet another planted arsehole.

if you had any balls, you'd sign your name.

But then again, if you had any guts you wouldn't make idiotic comments like that in the first place.

líam said...

Norm Doyle

Brian said...

We welcome Senator Elizabeth Penashue. Alas we will never here those words pass anyone’s lips.

Ed Hollett said...

Such an obvious one missed, Liam. Thanks for putting it in play and yes Brian, Elizabeth Penashue would be outstanding.

WJM said...

Senator Fran Williams also has a nice ring! :)

rpr said...

Jim McGrath.

Ed Hollett said...

Jim might well be over the age.

Besides he's had his share of patronage, what with being LG and all.

John L Matchim said...

I must applaud you Mr. Hollett for more veiled references, which I have no idea what you're talking about. What judge are you talking about? Whose old man? Should I believe that you are some small-town gossipy hen?