21 January 2010

Republic of Doyle: the modern way

For those who can’t catch the show on Wednesday night when it airs, consider that CBC does actually offer viewers the opportunity to watch the show the 21st century way.

Yes, complete episodes are available online at the CBC website.  You can get there through the Republic of Doyle page on the cbc.ca website.  Or you can bookmark the actual RoD video space on the same website.

You can even find this trailer there, although this copy of it came via a non-cbc account at youtube. 



Make it easy for people to promote the show using the technology its viewers are likely very familiar with.





Jillian said...

CBC's online technology also seems to work a lot better than any other site I've been on. I watched the second episode of Doyle on cbc.ca and the speed was great. There was no skipping or delays while playing the episode. I definitely recommend watching online if you miss it on tv.

Ed Hollett said...

I don't know how CBC online works in comparison to others but it works just fine for me.

That's how I've been watching Erica from the beginning. can't seem to match up with the broadcast schedule but I can watch the show at my leisure or having it running as I work on something else.