07 January 2010

There’s even a local version…

of the Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament.

Facebook sez.

And they have a rally scheduled for January 23rd in St. John’s.

Presumably more details will follow because there’s precious little on the Facebook group right now.



Wm. Murphy said...

This is my tirade I had over at Whittle's blog concerning this rally. His titled piece; "grass roots rebellion" had me wiping the corners of my mouth after hurling over the computer screen.

For what it's worth...here it is

This minority government continues to govern because the Liberals and the NDP have kept them there.

The main reason is that if they didn't keep them there, then we would have a Conservative majority government. Neither Opposition Party is ready to govern so this is what's left.

Concerning it a rebellion...nonsense. The decision to parogue has been made and will not be changed...regardless of grassroot uproars. What will result is a drop in Harper's popularity (which has begun since the announcement)that will only add to the possibilty of another minority government.

So we can all sign up for "sit on my facebook" and toddle off to Confederation Hill on the 23rd and feel wonderful about ourselves. The other alternative is for the Liberal Party to get serious on providing a viable alternative and to stop sucking when blowing!

Speaking of grassroot rebellions....I seem to recall that the last "rebellion" on our Hill resulted in much to do about foolishness. This exercise has the smell that much will be the same.

It never ceases to amaze me that these chest thumping rallies still have legs. The same people who continue to get hit over the head time and time again continue with these charades.

This snot fest on the 23rd, will only provide additional money for Eastern Audio on the rental of megahones and speakers for all of the indignant and "horrified" politicians and lackeys concerneming the fact that Parliament is not opened.

Before I finish my rant...I will look for other forums to pass on my distain for this decision. To not do something, is just as bad. For the record however, I hope that the camera picks up on everyones new Christmas hat and scarves while on TV.

Like the wrapping, this too will be forgotten just as quick.

Wm. Murphy

Ed Hollett said...

Ehh, maybe there's an extra element you missed and that's the fact the Tories can get it together either.

Basically, all three major federal parties are suffering from a similar problem. They just can't get their act together enough to convince Canadians to elect a majority government of them. As a result, they keep playing these small tactical manoeuvres.

If the numbers were there for Harper, he'd go look for a writ. As it is, the opposition parties keep playing off against each other and the whole thing stays in this sort of stand off.

Winston Smith said...

In terms of political omens, the fact that the Economist has trashed Harper on the prorogation may be a sign that he's reached too far this time. I'm not holding my breath, but the Economist's "Mister Dithers" moniker stuck to Paul Martin. The national media has already picked up the Economist's story, and I suspect that it will have traction for one news cycle at least.

Wm. Murphy said...

Winston...What does traction mean at the end of the day? A few more seats in a minority gov't? A dip in the polls for Harrper? It means diddlee squat in the big picture.

We will have the "shaking head and tutting" rally on the 23rd and it wil mean Fu*k all in the scheme of things. It will sell a few extra cpoies of the Economist however!!

Wm. Murphy

Wm. Murphy said...

If the numbers were there for Harper, he'd go look for a writ.

Of course he would... Wouldn't you?

I think the Economist writer described him as a very good strategist and political technician. As both a hater of Harper and an arm chair political observer, I am beginning to admire (begrudgingly) his tactician abilities.

Of course I would vehemntly deny it if anyone asked!!

Wm. Murphy

Wm. Murphy

Ed Hollett said...

Give credit where it is due. He is a very good tactician.

But that doesn't mean anything more than that.