01 March 2010

The Annual Caribou Frenzy: 2010 edition

Every year Quebec Innu hunt caribou in the northern part of the territory they claim.

Every year there is a panic about it.

This year was no exception.

There was just a unique excuse this year:  the Matshishkapeu Accord.

But every year the Innu hunt caribou, and every year the government gets its collective knockers in a giant bunch, some locals call for the army to be sent in to arrest the interlopers and every year the endangered Red Wine caribou herd and its 100 animals never seem to get slaughtered into extinction.

And it’s not like someone hasn’t pointed out that this pattern occurs.

Same bat time, give or take a few weeks.

Same bat place.







líam said...

Yep, but the difference is that this year the PhD's over at the CBC and Telegram message boards are sounding particularly hateful, racist, anti-Innu and genocidal.

Although in fairness to them, I have no record of the comments from previous years. Perhaps the hate speech is not growing but staying constant ... which I imagine is bittersweet for the Innu.

Ed Hollett said...

Now i see why you like Tickling. it has the same sort of crude attempts at humour based on complete misunderstanding and misrepresentation.

If the Telly and the Ceeb did anything they reported the views and opinions of others. So the Phds you refer yo would be the people out there who got their knickers all in a knot.

You misunderstand the news just as the 8th does.