01 March 2010

Whistleblower Protection Bill – the annual reminder

From January 2009,  here’s, here’s the link to the text of a draft bill to protect people who blow the whistle on misdeeds by public officials.

Your humble e-scribbler offered up this self-contained piece of draft legislation as a way of helping a government that seems to have a spot of trouble meeting its campaign commitments.

This one dated from 2007 and in his 2008 year-ender with the Telegram, the Premier said:

"We indicated that we would try and get that done by the end of this year. We realized getting into that, that that's a very complex piece of legislation that we have to make sure that it's done properly…".

No need to fear complexity.  This draft bill is based on a tested example from another province.

Never let it be said that your humble e-scribbler didn’t try and help out the provincial government, especially since it has been off for the past month recovering from major heart surgery.