04 March 2010

It’s all how you ask

Not all CBC is bad and not all CBC is bad all the time.

There was da Ceeb reporter in British Columbia who starts by asking very meekly if it is alright to talk to Hisself. 

Hisself obliges. 

And then there’s the appearance on the national Ceeb show that ran out of laughs long before they hired the low-rent Scott Thompson impersonator.

Hisself looks as tired as one might expect of a guy who had major surgery three weeks ago and who just hauled himself out to Vancouver to attend the Olympics. There are other times when he seems just plain annoyed.  Let’s just say this ain’t Colbert or the Daily Show.  Heck, it would have to stretch to come close to Air Farce

At the end of it you only wind up wondering why – after all the effort expended to kill off the media fascination with his hair and his scar  - he actually agreed to do this sort of thing.