19 May 2010

Tail-gunner Bob: equality is not “a realistic philosophy”

Bob Ridgley, the Premier’s parliamentary assistant, lays out his own political philosophy:

I think she [NDP leader Lorraine Michael] did lay it out clearly. She laid out very clearly the stark difference between their party and the governing party. There was a reference down in the Leader of the NDP’s speech, and she said, "It is the job of elected government to create systems that work for everyone, not just for some." They work for everyone, not just for some.

She went on to say, Mr. Speaker, "It is the job of elected government to make sure that the communal pot is shared so everyone is living in a healthy and nurturing society." An ideal, Mr. Speaker, worthy, I suppose, of us pursuing, that everyone would share equally from the communal pot.

We remember the days of Communism, Mr. Speaker, and I suppose, if you want to pursue that, it may be a worthwhile ideal that we are all equal, but I do not think, in reality, it is a realistic philosophy for the society in which we live. It is not a share and share alike. There is no element, I suppose, of Robin Hood in it: rob the rich and give to the poor. [Emphasis added]

That explains everything:  equality is a lovely idea but it is unrealistic.



WJM said...

It is not equality we seek anyway,but fairity.

Blech said...

Yes, by all means, fairity. It comes from the fairy tale, Alice in Wonderland world that is Dannystan.
In Cockaigne, it was said, that cooked geese flew about, stopping where ever anyone wanted to sample the fare. On the Big Rock Candy Mountain, the dogs had rubber teeth and alcohol sprung from springs. And we here in Dannystan are already transmitting electricity undersea to a market which does not exist, from an imaginary hydro electric project.
Oh, were it not for these traitorous nay sayers!
We will go it alone, on a go-forward basis, alone, strong, independent, but Federally funded, naturally.

trigger said...

Yes, Tail Gunner, equality.......never the long suit of the Tories. Their friends make 175 a hr while shore workers take a strike vote to maintain 13 an hour and the Premier says rural nl is booming....good one

Ed Hollett said...

I swear to God that if Scout posts here next, I am gonna be looking for Roy Rogers and Gene Autry next.