31 May 2010

Rumpole and the Phantom Judges

singletonDon Singleton never sat as a Provincial Court judge, not even for a single day.

But he has an e-mail address and an entry in the provincial government’s electronic telephone directory.


Absolutely astonishing, isn’t it?

igloliorte James Igloliorte, the retired judge who sat on the Blame Canada commission almost a decade ago has an e-mail address and a telephone number.

Ring the number and you will get a telephone at the Child and Youth Advocate’s Office.

But wait:  it gets better.

peddle David Peddle, a justice of the supreme court since December 2008, still has an entry on the provincial government’s directory giving an e-mail, telephone and facsimile address. 

His number gets you to his replacement, Mike Madden.

And if that all wasn’t bad enough, there are even a couple of judges listed in the directory who passed away within the past decade.  Your humble e-scribbler has screen caps of the entries for posterity but since there problem here is with the people maintaining the directory, there’s no need to reveal the names of the deceased individuals.

Given that the department responsible for the telephone directory just overhauled the whole site, it seems odd they didn’t manage to delete names of people who are retired or dead or both.

But what’s more, given all the controversy that surrounded Don Singleton’s appointment, plus the fact he resigned the appointment before he ever got to the job, how did the guy ever get a government e-mail address and a listing in the directory in the first place?

Not surprising of course.  After all, if you can expropriate a mill by mistake…