27 May 2010

The Search for Meaning Challenge

In this case, the challenge is to find any place in either the official French or unofficial English versions of a recent decision by the Quebec energy regulator that says that NALCOR can’t wheel electricity through Quebec.


Either language.

Or words that say the Regie turned down an application to wheel power through Quebec.

Bonus points if the person presenting the information works for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation which persists in claiming that’s what the decision says.


Make Shit Update (May 28):  CBC adds to the list of its unfounded claims with this one:

Nalcor, Newfoundland and Labrador's Crown-owned energy corporation, has been developing the $6.5-billion Lower Churchill project in central Labrador, but does not yet have a route to bring the energy to market.

There, in fact, two major routes.  The first is overland through Quebec.  it still exists, hasn’t been wiped off the map by anyone.  The second is the technically feasible but financially problematic route down through Newfoundland into Nova Scotia.

Within Quebec, there are at least five specific overland routes to five specific targets.  They are neatly listed in the Regie decision in both the English and French versions.

The problem for NALCOR isn’t a lack of routes to markets.

It’s a lack of markets.