15 May 2010

Top 10 Posts: May 9 - May 14

Courtesy of Google Analytics:

  1. Lower Churchill:  Imaginary Project.  Imaginary News Story.
  2. Rumpole and the Double Dippity-Do
  3. Potato, potato:  Hydro version
  4. Rumpole and the Piss Pot
  5. That was then. This is now:  Desperation edition
  6. The Same and the Different
  7. Desperation
  8. It’s always about the money
  9. Hydro Quebec not an issue:  Ed Martin
  10. How our system doesn’t work



Anyong said...

Government has been designed to fail. It is impossible to buck companies. That's what the public doesn't get.

Ed Hollett said...

Government is not designed to fail.

It only fails when people who have no idea what they are doing try and run it.

Government is a machine that does GIGO very well: garbage in begets garbage out.