21 February 2012

NDP MHA not helping consumers #nlpoli

George Murphy is the NDP member of the provincial legislature best known for pushing the government gas price gouging scheme that forces consumers to pay prices for gasoline that benefits the provincial government and the gasoline retailers.

Murphy says he is on the side of consumers.

Now Murphy thinks that a jump in food prices is caused by ferry rates:

According to Voice of the Cabinet Minister:

The MHA for St. John's East says he's concerned about the latest inflation numbers from Statistics Canada, and says those numbers are linked to Marine Atlantic's rate hike. According to Stats Can consumer prices in January are up by 2.5 per cent in metro compared to last year. Murphy says the hike of 4.9 per cent in food prices can be directly traced to the four per cent increase in Marine Atlantic ferry rates.

He says it's time for the federal government to step in and keep Marine Atlantic rates low and stable so that the people aren't gouged at the grocery store.

A small increase in the cost of sailing on a ship for a few miles caused food prices to rise dramatically.

Not the fact that the food comes from places like California on the other end of the friggin’ continent, and is brought here in trucks that burn diesel fuel, the price for which is pretty high these days.

And the solution to that problem is for the federal government to pour tax dollars into lowering those evil ferry rates.

Murphy likes spending federal tax dollars to help people.

He also wants the federal government to support development of Muskrat Falls.

That’s the Newfoundland Tory/Dipper scheme to force the taxpayers of Murphy’s district to pay full cost plus profit for electricity so that the private sector company that sells electricity to people in Nova Scotia can get the juice for free.

Murphy likes spending public money to help people.

You just gotta know that those people Murphy winds up helping aren’t consumers in Newfoundland and Labrador.

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rod said...

Why is it that what we have isn't worth squat, but what we want costs a fortune?

Natural gas....not viable.
Fish....send it to China
Minerals....send it out raw.
Oil....we can't have any for domestic use.
Educated young people....they don't stay here.
Water....don't go there.

We are developing an expensive Hydro Project and leaving natural gas in the ground.

It makes no sense.

Edward Hollett said...

"Natural gas....not viable."

Not true. The only people saying that are those who don't want to develop it, i.e. the current prov. gov.

"Fish....send it to China"

To be competitive, you have to meet the market need. In our province, the fishery is a social program and progress is held up by people who think we can dictate to the world. It's a silly idea but they like to hang onto it.

"Minerals....send it out raw."

If the economics of it would allow for more, we could do more.

"Oil....we can't have any for domestic use.'

Probably the most persistent and pernicious lie some locals like to spread.

It just isn't true. Never has been.

"Educated young people....they don't stay here."

Lots do. Lots don't. we attract immigrants and we could attract more if we would just ditch the racist ideas that only our own are good enough.

"Paper....obsolete." Tough market. Much like buggy whips, if you want to do it like they did in 1905.

But here again, entrepreneurs could develop new products and automation might help to make a competitive paper industry.

"Water....don't go there."

There are lots of resources here and lots of things we could do with them. We just have to get rid of the bad ideas and the foolish politicians who push them.

The same people who moan about this place are the same ones who created Nalcor and are now reaping the fruits of their labours. Unfortunately for the rest of it, the fruits are pretty poisonous.

rod said...

My comments point out the lack of value we place on what is ours.

Your comments drive the points home.

PS. Brian Peckford thought that cucumbers were a good thing, so he has a credibility problem....

Edward Hollett said...

Look at what Peckford is saying. He is laying out a simple argument based on his considerable experience.

We would be foolish to dismiss him easily either because of the cuke factory or, as the Premier did, because he hasn't been around to listen to all their spring the past eight years.

As I have said before, the people who have serious problems about this project and the way it has been handled are a pretty wide ranging bunch. Every day there is another one popping up to add some serious weight to the opposition.

We all can't be wrong.