07 February 2012

It just smacks you between the eyes #nlpoli

Digging back through some old posts on Monday evening, your humble e-scribbler came across one titled “Abuse and power”.

This sort of thing happens every now and then when you start skimming back through old posts:  a pattern starts to emerge out of what prompted the post in the first place.  It could be something you saw before and were conscious of at the time.  Or it could be some old issue that looked like a one-off at the time but instead turns out to be linked to other events or issues.

The thing is almost exactly one year old and it is amazing how easily things slip out of your mind.

The issue at the heart of the post is very much the same as the one this year involving the Auditor General and secrecy:

On the face of it, what the people of Newfoundland and Labrador are seeing here is yet another example of how the current administration has steadily reduced, muzzled or eliminated any means by which someone may question its decisions.

Sometimes stuff like that just leaps up and smacks you between the eyes.

Just take a second and go back and read the post from last year.  See if it strikes you.  The writing’s not bad either.

- srbp -