01 February 2012

Dunderfalls #nlpoli


This is a screen cap of the picture VOCM is using on their front page to illustrate a story on Muskrat Falls.

C’mon guys.  This isn’t artsy.  This isn’t creative.

This is just unflattering to the Premier and therefore inappropriate.

Next thing you know she’ll be slicing into the evil people at VOCM who always treat her like shit after she criticises them.

What’s more creepy though is that there is a right hand holding a recorder and another – maybe left -  hand holding the VO mike and the camera appears to be in between.

Helmet cam?


This is just weird.

It’s starting to look like NTV circa 1974 or something. 

Seagulls flying around.

Captain Kangalini or whatever his name was.

Next thing over in The Valley, they’ll be bringing back the VOCM logo girl.

If they do, run for the hills.

- srbp -