05 February 2012

Here kitty, kitty #nlpoli

Apparently natural resources minister Jerome Kennedy, Liberal leader Dwight Ball and NDP leader Loraine Michael will debate Muskrat Falls on VOCM this week.

Okay, leave aside for a second the fact it is Jerome versus party leaders and not the three party leaders or Jerome and the natural resources critics for the other parties.

How do you have a debate among representatives of three political parties who,  at worst actually all support Muskrat Falls.

In order to debate you need to have some sort of genuine disagreement.

At best, VO has a party that supports the project openly (The Tories),  one that pretends it doesn’t back the project unequivocally now that people are starting to oppose it (the Dippers) and a third party that can’t figure out WTF its position is (the Liberals).

Telegram columnist Bob Wakeham dared the Ceeb to organize a genuine public debate or discussion to promote awareness of the project and the issues around it. 

Voice of the Cabinet Minister took the challenge instead. What VOCM is offering looks to have both the information and entertainment value of throwing kittens off the overpass into traffic.

- srbp -