12 April 2012

Fun Facts: Hibernia gas and Holyrood #nlpoli

From Stephen Bruneau’s submission to the public utilities board hearing on the Muskrat Falls project:

In 2010, the withdrawal and use of natural gas as a fuel for electrical generation and heating was greater for Hibernia alone than was the total oil-fired energy used at Holyrood for the same year.

- srbp -


rod said...

So, if natural gas is being used at Hibernia, who do they send payment to for the gas bill? What royalty regime is in place for the use of this gas?

Unacceptable, we need to run an undersea electric cable out to them asap, because natural gas is too cheap, and not worth looking at.

The building of power lines is delayed a bit in Parson's Pond, due to the fact that they needed to be re-routed around the capped off wells containing...you guessed it...natural gas.

Edward Hollett said...

Ah, Rod, you joker, you.

HMDC uses the natural gas to power the rig because it is the most cost-effective way to do it. The gas is functionally free.

Now according to Nalcor/Jerome! and the oil companies that arrangement is great for them offshore but not great for us because the natural gas is too cheap.

Their argument makes no sense whatsoever.