10 April 2012

And in other Muskrat Falls news… #nlpoli

The Telegram editorial:

Oh, so now it's electricity for mining ventures that need the power. So here's a question for the good minister: Muskrat Falls is supposedly going to increase rates to island customers to some 16.4 cents a kilowatt hour. What rate does Kennedy expect that the mining companies will pay? That certainly doesn't sound like a price high-use mining companies would appreciate - so will ordinary power consumers on the island be subsidizing corporate customers?

The Toronto Star:

OTTAWA—It seemed like a stroke of political savvy — at the time.

But now, a political storm may be gathering on the eastern horizon over a popular campaign promise by Prime Minister Stephen Harper to give a $4 billion loan guarantee to Newfoundland’s Lower Churchill hydroelectric development.

If you follow Twitter comments, you’ll see that Tonda MacCharles’ piece in the Star caused a few people of the Tory persuasion some degree of angst.  They bitched about its inaccuracy.

Thing is, the story is fair and accurate.

The problem is that the Conservatives have been consistently frigging up their pitch for the deal.

It really is that bad.

The rest of can’t all be wrong.

- srbp -