26 April 2012

There’s no greater fraud… “unsustainable” version #nlpoli

The provincial Conservatives promised on Tuesday that they had a 10 year plan to reduce the provincial debt.

They have been in office since 2003.  in that time they boosted public sector spending by more than 60%.  Since 2009, the Conservatives have acknowledged their spending practices are unsustainable.

To date they have done nothing to change their ways.

Here’s some of what they promised in 2003:

  • Keeping real program spending constant by limiting the annual growth in spending to the anticipated growth in inflation. New needs that arise will be accommodated within this budget constraint.
  • Ensuring value for money by eliminating ineffective and inefficient programs, and by setting objectives for program spending and tracking results.

  • Reviewing financing arrangements. In 2001-02, the province spent $700 million to service its debt. We will immediately review all financing arrangements in all government departments and crown agencies to reduce interest costs. Such a review will include all debt, investments and cash management practices. We will also review the $1 billion sinking fund to determine if a portion should be used to reduce the Province's debt and reduce interest costs.
  • Approximately 40% of all government expenditures goes towards salaries and employee benefits. Over the next five years, approximately 25% of the public service will be eligible for retirement. A Progressive Conservative government will use this five-year period to reduce the size of the public sector through attrition.

There really is a greater fraud than an unkept promise.  It’s making promises on top of the unkept ones.

- srbp -