27 April 2012

So close to a deal they just can’t finish it #nlpoli

As CBC reported on Friday, a spokesperson for Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter says it is just an “update” meeting.

"As you know this is a very important project for both provinces, and the partners have update meetings as needed," Jennifer Stewart, a spokeswoman for the Nova Scotia premier's office, said. "This is one such meeting."

Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Kathy Dunderdale says it is a meeting to continue negotiations on an agreement to develop Muskrat Falls:

“We’re concluding our negotiations of the term sheet with Emera. We do this on a pretty regular basis and he’s here to talk about it.”

Okay so the term sheet is already done.  What they are supposed to be doing is finishing the whole agreement.

But anyway, there’s a bit of a difference between a routine meeting and a negotiating session.

And there’s an even bigger difference given that when the two companies missed their second deadline to finish the deal, both parties said there were just a few things to tidy up.

Real close to a deal though.

So close they didn’t need to set a new deadline.

That was how many months ago now?  Three months since they missed the second deadline at the end of January and five months beyond the original deadline from the end of November.

- srbp -