15 February 2005

The world doesn't end at Port aux Basques

In light of the continent shattering uproar - a bit of sarcasm - over the offshore deals, it is interesting to see the difference between the Nova Scotia government website and the site maintained by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Flip to Newfoundland and Labrador's site, and you see four links, two of which are to the marketing pieces (print ad and TV spot) that have been produced to sell pride to people of the province. There is a measure of irony there. The other two bits are the standard news release issued by both the federal and provincial government and the Agreement in Principle.

Lots of expensive graphics.

Now try Nova Scotia.


Basic information in plain English for Nova Scotians and people from other provinces. There is some background information, a description of what was sought and what was obtained. There is an explanation of why the deal is good for Nova Scotia and for all Canadians.

Then there is the commitment to fiscal responsibility, code for not pissing the money out the door.

Open two browsers and flip back and forth between the two sites. Which one actually communicates meaningful, substantial information? Which one polishes something round for you? Which one plays solely to the local audience and which one communicates to all who are interested in the issue?

(Thinking in that vein, go have another gander at the tales of two cities posts. Note the parallels.)

Which one project cost more to produce?

It's an interesting exercise to look at things in comparison. There is a big communications lesson in there for the people on the receiving end of the communications.