18 March 2005

Anne of Black Leathers

News today that Hell's Angels, the notorious motorcycle club is opening a retail store. The shop, called Route 81, will reportedly sell T-shirts, belt buckles and calendars.

Not sure what these calendars feature each month, but Quebec motorcycle club calendars have things like favourite sleeping bags of members doing time for homicide. How typically Canadian of them; in the U.S. their organized crime types use things like baseball bats to kill informants and enemies. In Canada, we wrap them in gear from the Canadian Tire. And drop them from a canoe into a lake in cottage country.

Some other retail possibilities for Canada's tourist mecca.

- An outlet for handicrafts by Al Queda terrorists holed up in some cave in north western Pakistan. Items for sale include lamps made from used artillery shell casings, decorative dishes made from deactivated landmines and Ossama's recently published instructional series "How to slaughter the Infidel Competitor for the profit".

Just wonder if the Angels are gonna have a license to sell brownies? PEI Public Health might just want to keep an eye on that one. Of course, a bad case of the munchies among all though tourists could cause a run on french frie sales. Hmmmm. Maybe that's the secret plot for those clever Gablers; The government has a piece of the action and Route 81 in PEI is just the first of a raft of these things to spread across the country.

Sell special brownies. Increase demand for roadside french fries. Create a shortage of the island's main product such that a bag of crinkle cuts at the supermarket rivals the price of oil.

Sharp people those spud diggers.