02 March 2005

The smell of a by-election ...

in Newfoundland and Labrador is often the smell of new pavement.

Over at VOCM, they are reporting what I said a few days ago: an announcement at Goose Bay smells like pavement. Well today, Defence minister Bill Graham announced a project to resurface the runways, taxiways and ramps at Goose Bay with a reported cost of $10.0 million.

The work is definitely needed. But it is still pavement or asphalt or tarmacadam, as was sometimes used for airfields. (Now you know where the phrase "tarmac" comes from, as in "the plane is on the tarmac".)

There is a by-election coming up.

And so far, no one has come to grips with the problem of future economic opportunities at Goose Bay.

The sarcastic bugger in me would suggest a clock factory so everyone can keep hearing time tick away.