07 September 2005

Night of the Long Knives - Connie style

Early media reports on Tuesday evening indicate as many as 15 people have been fired from the senior ranks of the Conservative Party of Canada. CTV reported that the number sent packing was at least five.

This is not good news in the wake of a series of firings and resignations over the spring and summer coupled with declining popular support for the fledgling party and its leader.

Despite Harper's brave challenges for the governing Liberals to call an election, he might want to ask Kim Campbell how it feels to be cocky when the polls don't support you. This won't deflect attention away from problems within the Connie party.

Be careful what you wish for, Stevie.

In the meantime, firing staff is a sign of deeper trouble, namely the inability of the party to get a grip on the real problem. That would be leadership.

It's the sad tale of the television spots. Focus on everything but the main issue. The inability to grip the main problem - leadership - is actually confirmation of the leadership deficit the party is currently facing.

Ultimately, the losers are Canadians across the country. Yet again e are denied a clear political choice and a meaningful policy debate on the stuff that matters about the country.

Instead, we get to watch the umpteenth iteration of what the old Tory party did to Bob Stanfield.

It's the Night of the Long Knives - Connie style.