03 May 2006

Mr. Fitz goes to Ottawa

John FitzGerald will be replacing Bill Rowe as Danny Williams' personal plenipotentiary to Disneyland on the Rideau, affectionately known to some as Ottawa.

Aside from trips to the national archives once in a while, Fitz last spent time in Ottawa working on his doctoral thesis in history.

The subject you may ask?

In announcing the appointment, Premier Danny Williams referred to Fitz's "astute knowledge of federal-provincial constitutional issues." The giant bio attached to the news release doesn't really give any hint of the experience Fitz has which would lead the Premier to make such a pronouncement.

Perhaps the Premier is impressed by Fitz's knowledge of Renaissance Italian political theory.

So what did Dr. Fitz occupy his time with to earn the degree?
Conflict and Culture in Irish-Newfoundland Roman Catholicism, 1829-1850. Ph. D. Thesis. University of Ottawa. 1997.
While this is no doubt the subject is a fine one worthy of academic inquiry, it is difficult to see anything in the new high commissioner's background that matches Danny Williams praise.

Perhaps some further digging will reveal more.

Anyway, in the meantime, congratulations to John FitzGerald. We at the Bond Papers wish him all the best in the new job.

Now where did I put my DVD copy of Secret Nation, again?